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At Gypsy Girl we offer beverage and food serving Wagons that are mobile and customizable.
We provide a unique gathering place where guests can engage with each other in any setting.
Our Social Wagons add a visual and physical focal point to any event and
are offered with an array of features to enhance your guests experience. 

darcy & bill

Gypsy Girl Social Wagon-24.jpg


We are always happiest when we are surrounded by loved ones, having fun, and enjoying each other's company.
While dreaming about what we might do to keep busy when we are out of the office, founders, Darcy and Bill hatched this great idea.

Darcy, being a bit of a party planner, thought that planning gatherings and creating experiences for people
would be a great way to stay engaged with the community. Andrea, her niece is the same way and jumped right in as a bartender since the beginning of Gypsy Girl.

Darcy has run a non-profit organization for over 20 years and has coordinated over 60 major themed events and parties over those years. She has enjoyed imagining themes that engage and entertain her donors and party-goers. She is a master when it comes to anticipating the needs of her guests. Andrea has volunteered at those same events for the past 15 years and then has spent the last five years as the Events Coordinator at the non-profit. Loving events and party planning herself the passing of the Gypsy Girl torch seemed very fitting.

Bill has worked as a product designer for 35 years and has an amazing eye for artistic and aesthetically pleasing details that connect people to their environment. Gypsy Girl Social Wagons is a business that took advantage of
their combined knowledge of how to create unique experiences for the clients they serve.


Andrea and Wesley are going to continue providing those experiences for many years to come!

our story


We offer maximum flexibility in how our social wagons are used.
We start with a fully integrated serving bar, built into an antique horse trailer.
The basic package will include a bar with three event coolers to keep beverages cold.
Each Social Wagon is expandable to include an attached bar with 6 stools for seating. Need to keep your food warm? No worries, we include a quiet generator for enough power to support crock pots and a drink blender.
Our Gypsy Girl Social Wagons are perfect for all events 

Weddings, Birthdays, Graduation Open Houses, Corporate Events, Non-Profit Fundraisers,
Retirement Parties, Anniversary Parties, Retreats and Photo Back-Drops.

Some events don't require a bar! In that case, our social wagons can be used to serve "mocktails" or draft rootbeer for an extra special kids party, coffee and treats, or have an Ice Cream Social! The possibilities are endless!

Gypsy Girl Social Wagon-63.jpg
New Year Celebrations

Invite us to your next event!

Andrea: 616.566.0587

Feel free to contact us anytime. 
We would love to collaborate with you to make your event even more memorable. 

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