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Frequently Asked Questions

How far does Gypsy Girl travel?
Our girl is based in Holland, MI, and service the West Michigan communities. Our rates are based on a 60-mile travel radius from Holland, but never hesitate to send us an email for a quote if your event location is just outside that circle. Extra mileage fees may be applied.


Can Gypsy Girl Social Wagons be used for something other than a bar?

Yes, they are perfect for Photo Shoots, Pop up Shops, family reunions, graduation open houses and non-profit fundraisers, just to name a few. Contact us if you have another great idea!

Does Gypsy Girl carry insurance?
Yes, we carry general liability insurance.

Do you have a liquor license?

No, a liquor license is needed for the purchase and selling of alcohol. Our TIPS-certified bartenders simply serve liquor purchased and supplied by you or your beverage caterer. If you need help acquiring any of your event supplies, let us know. We know some great liquor providers and we can coordinate your order with their help.

What drinks can be served from your Social Wagon?
Our wagons are equipped with large commercial coolers able to hold 270 cans. There is also a built-in ice tray to display a limited amount of beers, wines or spirits you might have as well as a Co2 draft tower that can be hooked up to two kegs at a time. We have plenty of counter space to mix cocktails as well.

Can you serve shots?
No. Unfortunately shots can turn a party into "crazy town" quickly and don't usually lead to the good time or the laid back vibe that Gypsy Girl Social Wagons provide. Our bartenders are trained to serve responsibly, so save the shots for another time. You'll thank us in the morning!

Can the wagons be rented and placed anywhere?

Our wagons are best used at outdoor venues and/or at indoor venues with patios where your party is inside and out. Many warehouse venues allow our Wagons inside and they really add a lot of visual flare. For occasions other than private parties at residences, such as parks and festivals, the client is responsible for
obtaining all approvals. Permission confirmation must be provided to Gypsy Girl Social Wagons one week prior to the event.

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