meet Gigi

Gigi is named after Darcy’s late mother who had a gypsy soul and a sassy attitude.

Gigi is a 1966 bumper tow, two horse trailer. 
She was used to haul a little black pony in Midland, Michigan when we found her in
October, 2017. We kept her original silver/grey color with aluminum trim. 
Gigi had a fair amount of rust and rotted wood so we had to remove her interior, sides, and floor.  Basically, she was all bones prior to our rebuild.

Her interior is made of beautify crafted hickory with a vintage copper back bar and ceiling.
She has two elegant sconces to contribute to her warm and relaxing vibe.
One might say that she has a rustic elegance.

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meet Pearl

Pearl is a 1974 dual horse trailer picked up in South Haven, Michigan in October, 2017.
She was originally a vibrant red color and her original name was Ginger.
After disassembling her we felt she needed a makeover and a paint job.
We picked an off-white color and her name no longer fit so she was dubbed Pearl.

Pearl's interior has a sophisticated elegance created with dark mahogany wood, brushed metal details and a few white painted accents. She is nice to have at a party because she is warm and relaxing, putting guests in the right mood to celebrate any special occasion.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.